Merry Christmas!

Not much updates as we don’t train as much as we want to. The arena, roads and everywhere we can ride is still frozen solid. So we only ride out once in a while and use the arena a couple of times a week. It is fairly hard on the legs so try not to push it. Here are few of the christmas photos we captured on the 23rd of December. Christmas horsie!

Finorio is wondering if he needs to follow me

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Ooops, I did it again.

Forgot all about following up on this blog. So what has happened since last time? Quite a lot!

First of all, Finorio has moved! We are not staying at a very nice little stable in Lier, it’s a little bit further for me to drive, but Finorio seems happy and that’s the most important part.

We have been attending trainings in working equitation, skill at arms and other fun things. Finorio keep building strength, and I have been to Germany and really got to test my riding abilities and came back with a completely changed feel for my seat. I have always thought that riding well trained horses is extremely educational, but this year I was able to feel how much. It completely changed my feel for riding, new level!

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Hacking and stuff…

The weeks after the clinic we have taken things slow. Mostly because Finorio has had a good 5-6 weeks off any kind of work, and it all started with him being locked up for a week and a half and having surgery.

This means we have been out hacking, mostly walking, but also some trot and canter. There has been a period now that he has been warm in his hoofs, and he got some bumps in his skin on different parts of his body. Thinking this had something to do with the amountI removed all the hard feed, except the “Betfiber” he gets in the evening, which is mostly just fibre and something to blend out vitamins, minerals and salt.  Continue reading “Hacking and stuff…”

Who needs shoes?

I woke up this morning to discover that spring had arrived! The sun was shining and the temperature was around +5.

Once I got to the stable I thought that I would try to ride first as the wind was going to pick up as the day went on.  Finorio was just by the gate of the pasture and once I got him into the stable I quickly realised that he was missing a shoe on his left front leg. That meant no riding today, but I thought that I could use the time to do some ground work and long reining. Continue reading “Who needs shoes?”

Gravel roads and other obstacles

The horses live at a yard that has all the basic necesities for them. Huge pastures where they can run around all day, steep hills, a lake and forrest to walk through. They have boxes to stay in at night, and a good life.

What we lack is an arena and hacking possibilities. There is a small area just outside the stable that we use for an arena as long as the fields are as wet as they are now. We fenced in a small part of one of the pastures which is quite flat, so that we could use that as an arena when the weather was dry. As the autumn is upon us I don’t expect this area to be usable until it freezes and we get some snow to cover the grass. Continue reading “Gravel roads and other obstacles”

Dressage, western style!

Early wednesday morning I got a message from one of the guys at the stable, asking if i wanted to take his lesson on his horse today, as he was sick. I try to jump on any opportunity to ride as I need all the training I can get at the moment.

The horse is a Quarter horse used for reining, so some of the signals he knows are a bit different to what I know, so I just have to see how he reacts and go from there. He is very sensitive so it is fun to sit and try to work out how he reacts to different aids. And to make it a bit more difficult I rode in a western saddle. Continue reading “Dressage, western style!”

What’s up?

So I haven’t been blogging for a while, not because there hasn’t been anything to blog about, I just didn’t want to.

After the clinic last time it went on for about a month or so and Bosco got lame again. I took him to the veterinary hospital in Oslo to have a thorough check-up. They found pain much likely to come from the tarsal joints. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories and continue training. Several months passed by with “something” always hanging over my shoulder, and in july he was lame again. This time worse than before.

New rounds to the vet, took three full days at the clinic to determine approximately where and how much. New treatments in the hocks, rest, check-up. Not good enough, new treatment, rest, retraining and check-up. Better, but not good. Tried to retrain with painkillers, got worse. Scintigraphy and new tests, nothing new, still where we expected. New medicine, rest and retraining, still very lame, nothing else to do. So I had to let him go, after more than two years with on and off again lameness.

Now he is at peace, no more pain, no more demands.

The beautiful Bosco
Huge personality
we had a special bond


One day we will meet again.

A canter is a cure for every evil

This sunday I actually wasn’t going to ride Bosco. The past few days he has had a slight filling in his hind legs and I haven’t been sure what the problem has been. Friday I rode anyway, and the fillings had gone down after the session. Yesterday they were back and I had no time to train him som I wasn’t really looking forward to checking his legs today. To my surprise they were no trace of any fillings, cold and dry. The best feeling ever! Continue reading “A canter is a cure for every evil”