Training with the Garrocha

Long time since last blogpost. This year has been quite eventful with Finorio attending his first couple of shows at medieval festivals, I’ve been attending the Rossfechten symposium in Germany with my firends horse, and Finorio did his first long distance travel. We travelled all the way to Nordfjord for a clinic, about 10 hours drive. Luckily we both had company so the trip went allright, despite 10 hours on the road.

Now we are back to training and after moving this spring I left all my skill at arms stuff and my garrocha at the old stable until I knew where to put it. Now I have moved it all to the new stable and I wanted to see how we were going with the garrocha.  Continue reading “Training with the Garrocha”


First go at Working Equitation

It took a while for me to get this post out so it’s not going to be very detailed 😉

February 15th we went to Blixland to have a lesson in Working Equitation with Sean Topsom. Sean lives in Portugal, but has been over here once before and this was the second time. My plan for the lesson was to ride in a new environment and try to get him accustomed to the different obstacles. Continue reading “First go at Working Equitation”