Tønsberg Medieval festival

Tønsberg Medieval Festival was the first weekend of june. I haven’t posted about it before because I have been so slow.

This was Finorio and Unico’s first event as show horses. Finorio had the pleasure to come with me to judge at the Oslo Medieval Festival the weekend before, at the St. Hallvards tournament. In Oslo he had no demands, and were just present on the arena, in Tønsberg we were performing.

As expected Finorio was pretty tense and stressed in Oslo. Lots of people watching, jousters in armor, speakers, and so on. But he kept as cool as he could and the experience was at least one of learning for the both of us. Everything is training. Continue reading “Tønsberg Medieval festival”


Training with the Garrocha

Long time since last blogpost. This year has been quite eventful with Finorio attending his first couple of shows at medieval festivals, I’ve been attending the Rossfechten symposium in Germany with my firends horse, and Finorio did his first long distance travel. We travelled all the way to Nordfjord for a clinic, about 10 hours drive. Luckily we both had company so the trip went allright, despite 10 hours on the road.

Now we are back to training and after moving this spring I left all my skill at arms stuff and my garrocha at the old stable until I knew where to put it. Now I have moved it all to the new stable and I wanted to see how we were going with the garrocha.  Continue reading “Training with the Garrocha”

Spanish steps in the making

Long time, no blog posts. Let’s see if we can change that.
It’s been a while since christmas, easter has just been around and the warm part of spring, and summer is just around the corner. Finorio has had his ups and down this past few months, this past month we have moved stable to a place with an indoor arena, and lovely hacking possibilities.

The past few weeks I have started training a bit more seriously towards the spanish steps. I have established the cue for lifting the legs, but now we need to transfer that to lifting the frontlegs while being connected with the hind legs. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. At all…  Continue reading “Spanish steps in the making”

Merry Christmas!

Not much updates as we don’t train as much as we want to. The arena, roads and everywhere we can ride is still frozen solid. So we only ride out once in a while and use the arena a couple of times a week. It is fairly hard on the legs so try not to push it. Here are few of the christmas photos we captured on the 23rd of December. Christmas horsie!

Finorio is wondering if he needs to follow me

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Lesson with Andrew

This autumn has been very difficult in terms of training. The past 1-2 months has been crap weather wise. First we had lots of snow, but the four wheeler managed to become a three wheeler before we managed to get the snow off the arena. So by the time it was fixed the snow had frozen and it was impossible to do anything with the arena. The weather has been cold, but warm during the day so the snow has melted, but not warm enough to get some softness to the ground. So the past few weeks it has been like asphalt everywhere, and the paddock just looks like the landscape of the moon. This means that our training conditions has been less than perfect, to say the least.

From the clinic in August

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Ooops, I did it again.

Forgot all about following up on this blog. So what has happened since last time? Quite a lot!

First of all, Finorio has moved! We are not staying at a very nice little stable in Lier, it’s a little bit further for me to drive, but Finorio seems happy and that’s the most important part.

We have been attending trainings in working equitation, skill at arms and other fun things. Finorio keep building strength, and I have been to Germany and really got to test my riding abilities and came back with a completely changed feel for my seat. I have always thought that riding well trained horses is extremely educational, but this year I was able to feel how much. It completely changed my feel for riding, new level!

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Skill at Arms training in Nittedal

Another weekend, another training and this weekend it was Skill at Arms on the schedule. Finorio is getting more used to travelling and training with other horses. Yesterday it was so clear that he was a lot more comfortable and able to relax while there were lots of other horses in the arena. Joy!  Continue reading “Skill at Arms training in Nittedal”

Ranch Trail Training

This weekend we attended a Ranch Trail training for the first time! Finorio and I have never attended anything like this and I was quite curious to how he would react. Ranch Trail is kind of a cowboy version of Working Equitation. The different obstacles are created from the different challenges you can meet while working with horses. Going over bridges, pulling logs, going through different narrow passages with things brushing against the horses legs. Lifting things and so on.

Getting ready

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Video from the jousting practice

We were lucky to get some of the passes from friday caught on film. Here me and Finorio are doing passes with two of the other horses. Yes, the reins are at times too short and he is too compressed, but I was trying to find the fine line between good contact and not the horse running, bucking, bouncing away from me. We got some good passes in the end. Here are four of them that didn’t went too bad.  Continue reading “Video from the jousting practice”

Easter joust training

Quite spontaniously riddersport.no, arranged an easter joust/skill at arms training. We weren’t that many due to lack of space to park trailers, but still the arena was quite full with 7 horses and all the targets in place.

Finorio is still a young horse, older in his body, but only ridden properly for more or less a year, he is still very young mentally. We attend these training mostly to get used to training with other horses because that can get quite interesting. As I wrote about in the previous post when training with Unico, he seems to very easily adapt to other horses energy. And not only those with high energy, also the ones who are calm. I talked to a friend about this and he was quite right in saying;

Getting used to other horses, for sure… But also bear in mind… You bought a lusitano… Their normal energy level is set to ’11’.

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