Ranch Trail Training

This weekend we attended a Ranch Trail training for the first time! Finorio and I have never attended anything like this and I was quite curious to how he would react. Ranch Trail is kind of a cowboy version of Working Equitation. The different obstacles are created from the different challenges you can meet while working with horses. Going over bridges, pulling logs, going through different narrow passages with things brushing against the horses legs. Lifting things and so on.

Getting ready

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Video from the jousting practice

We were lucky to get some of the passes from friday caught on film. Here me and Finorio are doing passes with two of the other horses. Yes, the reins are at times too short and he is too compressed, but I was trying to find the fine line between good contact and not the horse running, bucking, bouncing away from me. We got some good passes in the end. Here are four of them that didn’t went too bad.  Continue reading “Video from the jousting practice”

Easter joust training

Quite spontaniously riddersport.no, arranged an easter joust/skill at arms training. We weren’t that many due to lack of space to park trailers, but still the arena was quite full with 7 horses and all the targets in place.

Finorio is still a young horse, older in his body, but only ridden properly for more or less a year, he is still very young mentally. We attend these training mostly to get used to training with other horses because that can get quite interesting. As I wrote about in the previous post when training with Unico, he seems to very easily adapt to other horses energy. And not only those with high energy, also the ones who are calm. I talked to a friend about this and he was quite right in saying;

Getting used to other horses, for sure… But also bear in mind… You bought a lusitano… Their normal energy level is set to ’11’.

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Thoughts on hips and aids

So this past week we’ve had a weekend clinic with Arne Koets and as always the theroy sessions are quite interessting, especially when it comes to the movements of the hips in the different exercises. So after talking about it all weekend, trying out different stuff infront of an audience, trying to get the movement through the hips on the ground I was going to try once again today. It has been a couple of days since the last lesson, Finorio had treatment so a few days off. I’ve had some days off and been relaxing, perhaps just a tad too much. Continue reading “Thoughts on hips and aids”

Spring feeling and trainings!

As usual I’m fairly bad at blogging regularly, but now so much is happening that I’d like to write some of it down.

This winter has been quite nice with cold temperatures and lots of snow. Unfortunately this has been working against us as Finorio has not been 100% in his body. Some time in January I had a few days of just flying with him. Riding in the snowy outdoor arena was just great, we did passage and the canter was so easy to sit so I could do nothing but laugh as I enjoyed myself. Then it all changed, set off by Finorio making the decision to roll in the snow, close to the fence. He must have caught the electrical fence and got stuck some way. The damage on the fence was not much, and he had only stepped on himself so just a small wound that healed very quickly. But he was very different to ride, the canter was not flowing and no proper connection in trot.  Continue reading “Spring feeling and trainings!”

A hack out

The weather today was just perfect, proper easter weather as we would call it here in Norway. I thought I would take you with me on our hack around the area

2016-02-21 12.14.33
Finorio watching the nice weather while saddeling up
2016-02-21 12.32.17
Down the first hill, view one of the small lakes, covered in ice during winter
2016-02-21 12.37.48
Walking past the pastures on one of the neighbour farms, young horses playing in the snow got Finorio a bit worked up but he calmed down just as fast.
2016-02-21 12.37.58
Same place as the picture before, just here we got a nice view of his braids, which actually helps a lot!
2016-02-21 12.39.39
Walking through the golf course
2016-02-21 12.40.11
Horse and rider
2016-02-21 12.48.43
The forrest is full of snow again, but the hot sun melted the snow on the branches, almost like it was raining.
2016-02-21 12.53.26
Winter wonderland
2016-02-21 12.53.32
Winter wonderland
2016-02-21 12.54.57 HDR-2
Last little hill, up behind the yard
2016-02-21 13.14.54
Finorio is wondering if the phone is edible

Snowy arena

We have snow!! For the first time this winter we have proper snow! I wanted to celebrate it by riding in the forrest yesterday, and have a nice session on the outdoor arena today. Finoro was quite “awake” in the forrest yesterday, but we had some nice trot and canter through the forrest. We even managed to go past the field where the cows are in the summer (they are DANGEROUS!) without freaking too much. Last time we spent 10-15 minutes getting past that place. (yes, he is a bullfighting horse, by breed, who is extremely afraid of cows…)

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More lessons

The last weekend of November we had another visit from Arne. This time we had to have the lessons indoors as the outdoor arena was frozen. The indoor arena is 20×20 meter, so there is just about enough space for the horses.

I didn’t have much time to write from the lessons, but we worked with sidemovements, mostly shoulder in and travere. By the second lesson Finorio was bucking and being silly, this usually only happens when there is something not completely right in his body. The next day he was lame so it might have been the same thing bugging him on sunday. Usually hes blocked somewhere when he does that. A day of rest, and a long walk the following day and he was fine.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Stretch those hips!
and back in place
Nice bend, but rider is still sitting on the outside
trying to get all the aids right
Changing rein in trot
Good pony
Bending the neck of the horse with use of my seat, Finorio sleeps
Before the last lesson, nice picture
Finorio feels watched
Arne says hi
Working on sidemovements
Not so focused

Skill at arms training

This weekend, Finorio and I made our first trip out of the stable since he came back from recovery. I knew he wasn’t in the best shape and he gets tired quite easily, but we need to start somewhere.

I usually always travel by myself so I was hoping for Finorio to behave good, which he did. He moved a bit around during saddeling, I could probably make it easier for myself by tying him up to the trailer, but I wasn’t sure if he would dance around or not, so I thought it safer to just keep him on the lead.  Continue reading “Skill at arms training”