First jousting practice

Every thursday we have a practice, fencing, jousting, riding, what ever fits that week. Now everyone is preparing horses and men for the Brandenburg fest ( and even tho I’m not participating there, it is good to get some training both for joust and melee settings, but also get the horses out when Arne is not home to join the training himself. Continue reading “First jousting practice”


Ranch Trail Training

This weekend we attended a Ranch Trail training for the first time! Finorio and I have never attended anything like this and I was quite curious to how he would react. Ranch Trail is kind of a cowboy version of Working Equitation. The different obstacles are created from the different challenges you can meet while working with horses. Going over bridges, pulling logs, going through different narrow passages with things brushing against the horses legs. Lifting things and so on.

Getting ready

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Video from the jousting practice

We were lucky to get some of the passes from friday caught on film. Here me and Finorio are doing passes with two of the other horses. Yes, the reins are at times too short and he is too compressed, but I was trying to find the fine line between good contact and not the horse running, bucking, bouncing away from me. We got some good passes in the end. Here are four of them that didn’t went too bad.  Continue reading “Video from the jousting practice”

Snowy arena

We have snow!! For the first time this winter we have proper snow! I wanted to celebrate it by riding in the forrest yesterday, and have a nice session on the outdoor arena today. Finoro was quite “awake” in the forrest yesterday, but we had some nice trot and canter through the forrest. We even managed to go past the field where the cows are in the summer (they are DANGEROUS!) without freaking too much. Last time we spent 10-15 minutes getting past that place. (yes, he is a bullfighting horse, by breed, who is extremely afraid of cows…)

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Skill at arms training

This weekend, Finorio and I made our first trip out of the stable since he came back from recovery. I knew he wasn’t in the best shape and he gets tired quite easily, but we need to start somewhere.

I usually always travel by myself so I was hoping for Finorio to behave good, which he did. He moved a bit around during saddeling, I could probably make it easier for myself by tying him up to the trailer, but I wasn’t sure if he would dance around or not, so I thought it safer to just keep him on the lead.  Continue reading “Skill at arms training”

Slowly back in action

The past few weeks we have slowly worked our way back into shape. Finorio has not been trained properly with regulartity before. Now we have an outdoor arena, an indoor arena and great hacking possibilities.

This last week he has been acting out a bit and shown that he has too much energy, been fuzzing about doing silly stuff. So I decided to step up our training to an other level.

Today we went on a hack out with another friend, and afterwards we did some work in the arena. Managed to get some film and photo from that little session, it looks like he is improving steadily.

huge neck

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Introduction to the world of jousting part 2

February 1st was the day of the first skill at arms training in 2015. This was Finorio’s first skills training and his first training with many horses in an indoor arena. We were told that in our group there were initially 3 mares, but 3 turned into 1 on the day of the event. Once we got to the yard where the training was held Finorio got pretty worked up by meeting the mare we were going to train with, then having her leave him to go and warm up. He was jumping strutting around, high neck and trying to get attention from everyone, which he managed with no problem at all. Continue reading “Introduction to the world of jousting part 2”

First clinic in 6 months

Had the first lesson on thursday, barely made it. Horsie didn’t want to cooperate and go on the trailer. We spent an hour before I managed to get him to stand still long enough for me to close behind him. Luckily for me I have been through this before, and had started out early so I’d be able to make my lesson even if he behaved like an idiot.

The lesson went well, although I did notice how little I have been training lately. My legs are tense, no core strength, my seat is crooked, but the horse was better than expected. These past few days (a week?), he has been like a jelly man, all over the place and it has been somewhat difficult to ride him. So this first lesson we worked on making a frame with the outside aids, and work with the inside aids to get him to round correctly and seek the correct contact.

As you can see in the video I’m lifting the inside rein, lowering and widening the outside. You can also see that I struggle quite a lot with it. My whole seat has just been ruined from not haven been riding the past 6 months, so I struggle to isolate the movements and get the feel of the horse again. I almost manage to get it correct in the end though, hopefully this will improve with more training! First things first, not use spurs until I regain the control over my legs!

The video, it is quite long because I haven’t bothered editing anything.

Next lesson tomorrow, hopefully he will load a bit easier :p

On a not so serious note, lunging!

Bosco was supposed to get treatment today, but the equi therapist wasn’t able to come so we had to do something else. At first I was planning on riding, but it was quite windy and that makes Bosco a tad, what should we say, engergetic? So I decided to work him on the lunge. I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to a session witha very concentrated, hard working horse, so we just enjoyed it in stead. He got to release some energy and I got to work on being silent with my body language. I learn something new every day!