First clinic in 6 months

Had the first lesson on thursday, barely made it. Horsie didn’t want to cooperate and go on the trailer. We spent an hour before I managed to get him to stand still long enough for me to close behind him. Luckily for me I have been through this before, and had started out early so I’d be able to make my lesson even if he behaved like an idiot.

The lesson went well, although I did notice how little I have been training lately. My legs are tense, no core strength, my seat is crooked, but the horse was better than expected. These past few days (a week?), he has been like a jelly man, all over the place and it has been somewhat difficult to ride him. So this first lesson we worked on making a frame with the outside aids, and work with the inside aids to get him to round correctly and seek the correct contact.

As you can see in the video I’m lifting the inside rein, lowering and widening the outside. You can also see that I struggle quite a lot with it. My whole seat has just been ruined from not haven been riding the past 6 months, so I struggle to isolate the movements and get the feel of the horse again. I almost manage to get it correct in the end though, hopefully this will improve with more training! First things first, not use spurs until I regain the control over my legs!

The video, it is quite long because I haven’t bothered editing anything.

Next lesson tomorrow, hopefully he will load a bit easier :p


Early morning in the arena

A bit of lunging, then some liberty work. Boco got to decide what he wanted to do, which was, looking at himself in the mirror…..

Cousin it?
pwetty pwnie



The week after last treatment

Time flies when you’re having fun! After last weeks treatment we took a few days off, mostly because I had to work all weekend at the hospital and was quite tired afterwards. The first real session was on sunday, the fourth day after treatment. Walk was not very different, still the same feeling of not too much tension in the left side. Picked up the reins and worked with our regular exercises and everything went quite well. There was a change to the trot, the uneavenness had moved from just being present on the right rein, to the left rein instead and more rarely than before. The canter was not so great, but you can feel how it really makes him more flexible and the mobility changes after a few rounds of canter on either side. Especially canter transitions are really really good for him at this stage.  Continue reading “The week after last treatment”

Treatment #3

New session with the equine therapist today, and Bosco has improved a lot. What we quickly noticed was the fact that he accepted the treatment a lot better than the previous times.  From being all over the place, running forwards, backwards, sideways and turning around, he stood quite still, just walking forwards of backwards when some of the tension was released. It was quite interesting to watch, even his eyes changed, from being worried, to calm and curious.  Continue reading “Treatment #3”

On a not so serious note, lunging!

Bosco was supposed to get treatment today, but the equi therapist wasn’t able to come so we had to do something else. At first I was planning on riding, but it was quite windy and that makes Bosco a tad, what should we say, engergetic? So I decided to work him on the lunge. I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to a session witha very concentrated, hard working horse, so we just enjoyed it in stead. He got to release some energy and I got to work on being silent with my body language. I learn something new every day!

New discoveries

New video from today. I had some help to look at us while we were riding, to see if there was more that I couldn’t see or feel. We discovered that the main issue isn’t in his shoulders, where the problem shows itself, but in the hindquarters. Placing the hindquarters to the inside and to the outside was quite demanding for the poor little horse. it seems that riding on the right rein, haunches to the outside and stretching the whole left side was the hardest part. Even just getting his haunches to the outside was almost impossible. But now we know where to push forwards and I can see that it actually makes everything better if i just push him a bit more than what I have been doing.

To be continued…

Ups and downs…

.. are both part of all relationships. Indeed they are. Bosco had a good improvement since the first treatment, then came the second and he responded quite well. Until Thursday. On Wednesday we had been out walking the streets around the stables and Bosco, being his usual self, did some nice acrobatics on the slippery asphalt. So on Thursday he was almost back to scratch, uneven, stiffness in the muscles and you name it. Friday was a bit better, here is a video clip from our session on Friday. After lunging I rode him for a bit and I could really feel the stiffness in his left side, but it got better in the end. Continue reading “Ups and downs…”

On the right track?

It has been about two weeks since Bosco got the all-clear from the vet. His fetlocks were alright again and we could continue our retraining process. Since he hasn’t been in training since June he is very uneven in his musculature and is quite crooked. He is being treated with osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, magnetic blanket and lazer treatments, and he is slowly coming back to normal. Continue reading “On the right track?”

Summer moved on

It has been a while since last update, summer has passed, uni has started and real life begins again.

This summer I have been working at the hospital to get some money for the next year at Uni. The horse has been at the pasture for 2 months. When I took him in we realized that some of the troubles he has been having the past couple of months, has been due to an inflammation in his hind-fetlocks. They have been treated and we are now moving somewhat forwards in a steady tempo.

We had to give treatment to the joints two times, at the moment it is one week since the last treatment and Bosco is getting quite “eager” to get going. Quite a lot of energy and he looks quite well these days.

I have a few photos from this summer to show what we have been doing.

In june I helped a friend of mine with her Lipizzaner horses at a show

Me and Rozi

I also participated in a out door theatre at the Akershus fortress in the middle of Oslo. The story of Knut Alvsson who tried to liberate Norway from the union with Denmark. It didn’t go the way he wanted and he was killed. His body was brought to the fortress where it was put in the Knuts tower to show what happened to the people who tried to fight the union. His wife walked the fortress for 11 years, until they released his body and buried it properly. It is said that her screams can still be heard late august nights in the fortress. A wonderful theatre who recieved very good reviews, and we had lots of fun. We were extras on horseback.

This is from one of the early dress rehearsals, I’m just showing how the actress can sit across the saddle.
Cantering around
Here we are much closer to the premiere, Nicolai Cleve Broch as Knut and Anna Bache-Wiig as his wife Mette. The horses are Lux (lipizzan) and Linette (NWB) (really crappy cellphonecamra=shitty quality photo)
All the riders and groomers getting applause, I’m on the horse to the far left.
Photo by: Stian Green.
Bosco at pasture
mmmm shower!
Not so happy Bosco, sedated, poked with needles and on top of that, pink bandages!

Hopefully we will be back in business within a few weeks!