This blog

This blog is mainly for me, those who are interested in what I do and anyone else who cares to read. My focus is mainly on the horses I’m training at the moment. Perhaps some other topics will emerge on some occations, but not to worry, I’ll try to keep focus!

Just a heads up, in this blog I have, and will write about clinics, lectures and other stuff. What I write in this blog is my interpretation of what was said, the lecturer might mean something else, or mean it in a different way, so beware. This is my blog, with my thoughts and meanings. I wont take credit for what other people say or do, but I just don’t want any misunderstandings about who says what. And I’ll try to quote as much as I can, if I can.

Yes, I am tired and Bosco wants nothing to do with me, but hey it is a picture of us together

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