Skill at Arms training in Nittedal

Another weekend, another training and this weekend it was Skill at Arms on the schedule. Finorio is getting more used to travelling and training with other horses. Yesterday it was so clear that he was a lot more comfortable and able to relax while there were lots of other horses in the arena. Joy!  Continue reading “Skill at Arms training in Nittedal”


Andrew clinic january

Better late than never?

24th of January we were lucky to get yet another place at the Andrew Murphy clinic in Moss. The day arrived with lots and lots and lots of snow, and the roads were not very friendly to my 4wd, so I was very happy to be driving with the horse trailer as well 😉

This time I tried to load him on my own, by just having one lunging rope on one side of the trailer and turn him into the rope to get it behind him. After a couple of tries I actually managed to do that and I could give the rope to Anne and she could lead him into the trailer as I closed behind him. Good boy! Continue reading “Andrew clinic january”

I’m going to Golgã!

I have wanted to go to the Feira Nacional do Cavalo for many years and this year I was able to work out my plans so that I could go! I will go with 3 of the other board members from the Norwegian Lusitano Association, so this will be fun!

I will also be staying for a few extra days to have some riding lessons and be a tourist, since I have never been to portugal before.

Can’t wait to go! 😀