First jousting practice

Every thursday we have a practice, fencing, jousting, riding, what ever fits that week. Now everyone is preparing horses and men for the Brandenburg fest ( and even tho I’m not participating there, it is good to get some training both for joust and melee settings, but also get the horses out when Arne is not home to join the training himself. Continue reading “First jousting practice”


Training with the Garrocha

Long time since last blogpost. This year has been quite eventful with Finorio attending his first couple of shows at medieval festivals, I’ve been attending the Rossfechten symposium in Germany with my firends horse, and Finorio did his first long distance travel. We travelled all the way to Nordfjord for a clinic, about 10 hours drive. Luckily we both had company so the trip went allright, despite 10 hours on the road.

Now we are back to training and after moving this spring I left all my skill at arms stuff and my garrocha at the old stable until I knew where to put it. Now I have moved it all to the new stable and I wanted to see how we were going with the garrocha.  Continue reading “Training with the Garrocha”

Lesson with Andrew

This autumn has been very difficult in terms of training. The past 1-2 months has been crap weather wise. First we had lots of snow, but the four wheeler managed to become a three wheeler before we managed to get the snow off the arena. So by the time it was fixed the snow had frozen and it was impossible to do anything with the arena. The weather has been cold, but warm during the day so the snow has melted, but not warm enough to get some softness to the ground. So the past few weeks it has been like asphalt everywhere, and the paddock just looks like the landscape of the moon. This means that our training conditions has been less than perfect, to say the least.

From the clinic in August

Continue reading “Lesson with Andrew”

Spring feeling and trainings!

As usual I’m fairly bad at blogging regularly, but now so much is happening that I’d like to write some of it down.

This winter has been quite nice with cold temperatures and lots of snow. Unfortunately this has been working against us as Finorio has not been 100% in his body. Some time in January I had a few days of just flying with him. Riding in the snowy outdoor arena was just great, we did passage and the canter was so easy to sit so I could do nothing but laugh as I enjoyed myself. Then it all changed, set off by Finorio making the decision to roll in the snow, close to the fence. He must have caught the electrical fence and got stuck some way. The damage on the fence was not much, and he had only stepped on himself so just a small wound that healed very quickly. But he was very different to ride, the canter was not flowing and no proper connection in trot.  Continue reading “Spring feeling and trainings!”

A hack out

The weather today was just perfect, proper easter weather as we would call it here in Norway. I thought I would take you with me on our hack around the area

2016-02-21 12.14.33
Finorio watching the nice weather while saddeling up
2016-02-21 12.32.17
Down the first hill, view one of the small lakes, covered in ice during winter
2016-02-21 12.37.48
Walking past the pastures on one of the neighbour farms, young horses playing in the snow got Finorio a bit worked up but he calmed down just as fast.
2016-02-21 12.37.58
Same place as the picture before, just here we got a nice view of his braids, which actually helps a lot!
2016-02-21 12.39.39
Walking through the golf course
2016-02-21 12.40.11
Horse and rider
2016-02-21 12.48.43
The forrest is full of snow again, but the hot sun melted the snow on the branches, almost like it was raining.
2016-02-21 12.53.26
Winter wonderland
2016-02-21 12.53.32
Winter wonderland
2016-02-21 12.54.57 HDR-2
Last little hill, up behind the yard
2016-02-21 13.14.54
Finorio is wondering if the phone is edible

More lessons

The last weekend of November we had another visit from Arne. This time we had to have the lessons indoors as the outdoor arena was frozen. The indoor arena is 20×20 meter, so there is just about enough space for the horses.

I didn’t have much time to write from the lessons, but we worked with sidemovements, mostly shoulder in and travere. By the second lesson Finorio was bucking and being silly, this usually only happens when there is something not completely right in his body. The next day he was lame so it might have been the same thing bugging him on sunday. Usually hes blocked somewhere when he does that. A day of rest, and a long walk the following day and he was fine.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Stretch those hips!
and back in place
Nice bend, but rider is still sitting on the outside
trying to get all the aids right
Changing rein in trot
Good pony
Bending the neck of the horse with use of my seat, Finorio sleeps
Before the last lesson, nice picture
Finorio feels watched
Arne says hi
Working on sidemovements
Not so focused

Back to work!

Long time, no see? Lots have happened since last time. First of all, Finorio is back home again. I’m back at work and mostly back to normal. We weren’t able to do much training before moving him back home, but the week after we had to prepare as much as we could for the weekend. This weekend we had a visit from Arne Koets who has worked as a rider with the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg, Germany.

We had one lesson saturday and one lesson on sunday. Teaching wise it was quite different to what I’m used to, without me being able to actually pinpoint what was so different. As the things we did weren’t really different, but perhaps just the teaching style was new. In the first lesson there were some misunderstandings that made me become quite frustrated. After clearing up my confusion as to the aids and which exercises we were doing, everything became slightly easier for my brain to wrap around. Continue reading “Back to work!”