2015, what did we do?

My blogging might not have been as good as I wanted it to be. I might try to get better in the new year, but we will see how motivated I am. Here I wanted to give a recap of what we have been trough the past year. Continue reading “2015, what did we do?”


There goes April

For some reason I haven’t had much time for blogging. I don’t think I’ll try to go through everything we have done, just show it through pictures. (Thats how lazy I am 😉 )

By the end of easter I had another lesson in long reining, Finorio was sligthly more unstable, but also better in some aspects. We just need more training.

Now he can be tied up to the trailer and actually relax in a new place

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After treatment Finorio got two days off to just get used to the adjustments, so this weekend it was time to slowly start to work him again.

On saturday we started slowly by just walking on the road with the bareback pad. I’m going to stay away from the saddle for a while, just be causious. I don’t know if it was the saddle or anything else that caused the blockage, but since it was placed directly underneath the saddle, that’s a place to start. Continue reading “Follow-up”

Thoughts on sensitivity

Esperança has been out of training for a while. All the horses were vaccinated in January and Esperança got a huge reaction from it, and got an abcess on her neck. It was so bad that she was not able to flex her neck to the side because the side of her neck was so swollen. Now the wound has almost closed and the swelling is still there, but not bothering her anymore. So she is back in training! Continue reading “Thoughts on sensitivity”