Finorio is a Lusitano, born in 2010.

After training his sister Esperança for several months, her owner and I started talking about her brother. I had fun training Esperança, but I didn’t want a mare for several reasons. Finorio was away for training at this point, but had been stressing and not been able to cope with the environment he was put in, so they broke off the training, and sent him back.

When I first met him he was thin and had lost all his muscles. His back looked odd and he was a completely different type to his sister. But his spirit was gentle and he was very easy to work with.

He spent a few months on grass before we started the training, had some dificulties with his hoofs that were sorted by putting on shoes. He developed very well, and by the end of october 2014 we signed the contract and he is now my horse.

My goals  for us are to “get as far as we can”, which is a pretty vague goal, but it means that the sky is the limit and I will always search to do better. My main interests are dressage (not interested in competition), Working Equitation, Skill at arms/rossfechten and do fun stuff together with my horse.

It is also very important that the horse also enjoys what we do togheter.

Showing off
At a Working Equitation clinic
With his sister Esperança, and mother Voragem

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