Skill at Arms training in Nittedal

Another weekend, another training and this weekend it was Skill at Arms on the schedule. Finorio is getting more used to travelling and training with other horses. Yesterday it was so clear that he was a lot more comfortable and able to relax while there were lots of other horses in the arena. Joy!  Continue reading “Skill at Arms training in Nittedal”


Easter joust training

Quite spontaniously, arranged an easter joust/skill at arms training. We weren’t that many due to lack of space to park trailers, but still the arena was quite full with 7 horses and all the targets in place.

Finorio is still a young horse, older in his body, but only ridden properly for more or less a year, he is still very young mentally. We attend these training mostly to get used to training with other horses because that can get quite interesting. As I wrote about in the previous post when training with Unico, he seems to very easily adapt to other horses energy. And not only those with high energy, also the ones who are calm. I talked to a friend about this and he was quite right in saying;

Getting used to other horses, for sure… But also bear in mind… You bought a lusitano… Their normal energy level is set to ’11’.

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Spring feeling and trainings!

As usual I’m fairly bad at blogging regularly, but now so much is happening that I’d like to write some of it down.

This winter has been quite nice with cold temperatures and lots of snow. Unfortunately this has been working against us as Finorio has not been 100% in his body. Some time in January I had a few days of just flying with him. Riding in the snowy outdoor arena was just great, we did passage and the canter was so easy to sit so I could do nothing but laugh as I enjoyed myself. Then it all changed, set off by Finorio making the decision to roll in the snow, close to the fence. He must have caught the electrical fence and got stuck some way. The damage on the fence was not much, and he had only stepped on himself so just a small wound that healed very quickly. But he was very different to ride, the canter was not flowing and no proper connection in trot.  Continue reading “Spring feeling and trainings!”

Skill at arms training

This weekend, Finorio and I made our first trip out of the stable since he came back from recovery. I knew he wasn’t in the best shape and he gets tired quite easily, but we need to start somewhere.

I usually always travel by myself so I was hoping for Finorio to behave good, which he did. He moved a bit around during saddeling, I could probably make it easier for myself by tying him up to the trailer, but I wasn’t sure if he would dance around or not, so I thought it safer to just keep him on the lead.  Continue reading “Skill at arms training”

Introduction to the world of jousting part 2

February 1st was the day of the first skill at arms training in 2015. This was Finorio’s first skills training and his first training with many horses in an indoor arena. We were told that in our group there were initially 3 mares, but 3 turned into 1 on the day of the event. Once we got to the yard where the training was held Finorio got pretty worked up by meeting the mare we were going to train with, then having her leave him to go and warm up. He was jumping strutting around, high neck and trying to get attention from everyone, which he managed with no problem at all. Continue reading “Introduction to the world of jousting part 2”

Introduction to jousting part 1

This weekend I brought some more of my horse stuff to the stable where Finorio lives. A few rugs, some boots, rugs for riding and last but not at all least, my lance. I have a lance I was given a few years ago, to use for training and the past year it has been resting here and there. Today I thought it was about time to introduce Finorio to it. Continue reading “Introduction to jousting part 1”

Where do we go from here?

First of all, I am getting a new horse. I am not so sure when this will be, but I do not function properly without a horse. This spring I am working on my dissertation for my Bachelor degree, so the plan is to finish uni.

Right after I hand in my dissertation we are arranging an International Tournament in Oslo, called the St. Hallvards tournament. This will probably take all my time and energy in the second half of May. If you want to know more about it go check it out at Continue reading “Where do we go from here?”

Updates schmupdates

Time for some updates here I see.

After what felt like too many weeks, we are finally out of the quaranteen. Which means I juuust missed the march clinic, with 3 (!!) days. This means I have to wait until the end of may for another clinic, since Andrew go overseas to USA in April. Oh well, then I’ll just have to trust my own abilities and keep going, it might even end up better than I expect.

Bosco caught a cold during the quaranteen, so he has had some lazy days, but now he is all well again and training is back to normal. He is a star if I keep my act together, so it is usually me that slows us down.

This easter we have started our skill at arms training, Bosco did great, I’ve got no skills. Exactly as I expected, so we just need to train. We started out easy with just cutting cabbages from a pole with a sword. Nothing more fancy. Took a few strikes for me to get the hang of it, but managed to get a few good hits. Now I just need to get myself a sword and keep on practicing, and we might get better at this aswell.

At thursday, someone else at the stable was going to have a small jumping session in the indoor arena, so I thought we should join them. It has been a long time since we have been jumping, so I thought it was about time. As everything else, Bosco did great. A few newbie mistakes but all in all, a good session. He had no problem with the other horse cantering around him and jumping while we were standing still. All the stuff I think he is going to react to, he might twitch one of his ears, but thats it. We also have a reiner at the stable, who are practising spins, slide-stops and other funky moves, Bosco does not care. Not even when he rushes towards him and stops almost next to him. Good pony!

Now it is less than two weeks to the lusitano show and I’m starting to get nervous. Especially since Bosco is starting to look weird with half of his winter fur still stuck. I have to spend some days in the upcomming weeks and try to get rid of most of it. And I do hope the temperatures will rise a bit so that I can wash him thoroughly. At least he has got enough fat and muscle, he is actually looking quite well at the moment. We did also measure him the other day, he has stretched up to 158 cm, 2 cm taller than last time.

Sadly, most of my training is alone so nothing has been documented on film or photo, I will see if I can do something about that.