Ooops, I did it again.

Forgot all about following up on this blog. So what has happened since last time? Quite a lot!

First of all, Finorio has moved! We are not staying at a very nice little stable in Lier, it’s a little bit further for me to drive, but Finorio seems happy and that’s the most important part.

We have been attending trainings in working equitation, skill at arms and other fun things. Finorio keep building strength, and I have been to Germany and really got to test my riding abilities and came back with a completely changed feel for my seat. I have always thought that riding well trained horses is extremely educational, but this year I was able to feel how much. It completely changed my feel for riding, new level!

Unfortunately you loose some of that feeling when you are back to just riding your own horse again, but it definitely gave me something to search for while training on my own.

Now the winter is upon us, the first snow came early and now everything is icy and our arena is not useable at the moment. So we try to go away for trainings and try to hack out as often as possible. Luckily the stable next door has a oval track for Icelandic horses and we can use that one. Which is good for endurance training and transitions.

A couple of videos to sum up the past few months

Garrocha training in Germany

Skill at arms competition at Gaustad Games, we won our class 🙂

Working Equitation clinic with Pedro Neves


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