Tønsberg Medieval festival

Tønsberg Medieval Festival was the first weekend of june. I haven’t posted about it before because I have been so slow.

This was Finorio and Unico’s first event as show horses. Finorio had the pleasure to come with me to judge at the Oslo Medieval Festival the weekend before, at the St. Hallvards tournament. In Oslo he had no demands, and were just present on the arena, in Tønsberg we were performing.

As expected Finorio was pretty tense and stressed in Oslo. Lots of people watching, jousters in armor, speakers, and so on. But he kept as cool as he could and the experience was at least one of learning for the both of us. Everything is training.

In Tønsberg Ellen and I were going to do a pas de deux with pretty horses and pretty dresses. What we did wasn’t as important so it was a very good learning possibility for both horses, being quite new to the scene. It was raining cats and dogs so the grass arena was very slippery, this made Finorio quite tense, especially on the first day. There were also the stress of noisy music, audience, umbrellas and so on. The first performance was neither good or bad, it was a learning experience, but the last one was very good. Both horses behaved very well, Finorio found some confidence and Unico showed off as ususal.

After the show lots of people came over to the horses and they just loved the attention, got given cookies and it was all in all a very good finish to the first show.

Here are some pictures from the event, all photos are © Matilde Brandt

Saddling up underneath the trees, away from the rain


Warming up in the arena


Pretty boy


Riding out, underneath the huge trees


Me and Ellen in our dresses


Detail from my dress


It’s important to have the right bling


The boys underneath the trees






Spanish walk




Some of the scenery in Tønsberg


Do a little dance


After the show, surrounded by kids




Finorio showing off his spanish walk


Finorio being Finorio, so happy with this horse!

Now we just have to keep practicing to get a horse that is more confident and less stressed in these situations.


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