Spanish steps in the making

Long time, no blog posts. Let’s see if we can change that.
It’s been a while since christmas, easter has just been around and the warm part of spring, and summer is just around the corner. Finorio has had his ups and down this past few months, this past month we have moved stable to a place with an indoor arena, and lovely hacking possibilities.

The past few weeks I have started training a bit more seriously towards the spanish steps. I have established the cue for lifting the legs, but now we need to transfer that to lifting the frontlegs while being connected with the hind legs. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. At all… 

First we started by hand

First some warm up by hand


Here I look quite tiny next to him


Getting the lift pretty well, need to try to shape the stretch as well


Lifting legs while standing


Not getting the hind legs properly engaged here


Doing sidemovements


Some canter work


And trot


Starting to understand that he can move while lifting the leg, but needs to engage more from behind


Signals getting easier to understand


Good start
Then he gets too excited and lifts the next leg before he is finished with the first
and ends up loosing his back, but he did try his best

We will continue with this work, a little bit at a time and maybe we will get a proper spanish walk in the end.


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