Easter joust training

Quite spontaniously riddersport.no, arranged an easter joust/skill at arms training. We weren’t that many due to lack of space to park trailers, but still the arena was quite full with 7 horses and all the targets in place.

Finorio is still a young horse, older in his body, but only ridden properly for more or less a year, he is still very young mentally. We attend these training mostly to get used to training with other horses because that can get quite interesting. As I wrote about in the previous post when training with Unico, he seems to very easily adapt to other horses energy. And not only those with high energy, also the ones who are calm. I talked to a friend about this and he was quite right in saying;

Getting used to other horses, for sure… But also bear in mind… You bought a lusitano… Their normal energy level is set to ’11’.

Which is very true. My problem as of now is that when his energy spikes, he bucks. Sometimes VERY high. So I try to ride him through it, but sometimes I get thrown too much about in the saddle.

What I realised yesterday when I was in the arena, with 6 other horses trotting and cantering around, and Finorio was too occupied to listen to me so that I could even get on him. There were two other iberians in the group, both grey. One of them, a PRE stallion who is around 10 years old I think, had a energy level that Finorio tuned in to pretty fast and tried to get away from. The other one was a lusitano, one year older than Finorio, also a gelding, and he also had lots of energy this day. His rider said he also tuned into the other two iberians and got worked up by them.

One of the other horses in the arena was a huge Irish draft thoroughbred something, beautiful big horse with a very calm energy level. His owner said he also had that influence on people aswell. What I noticed, was that if she was standing close to us, Finorio would stand still and I could get on. If one of the iberians came close, he would bounce and get worked up, but once this other horse came close he calmed right down. It was so interesting to see how the different horses affected him and how much that had to say for what he did or did not do.

The first session we did skill at arms, or I said we, but me and Finorio never got to the part where you actually picked up a weapon. We rather worked on cantering and trotting past the different obstacles and horses. In addition to horses with lots of energy, there was also a scary corner in the arena. I’m not exactly sure what was the scary part, there was a house there, with windows, an open trailer and a man that kept walking in and out of sight, so all in all, very scary. By the end of the session Finorio had calmed down a lot, but still had the ocational *doinkadoink*.

After the first session the horses got to rest in a box with plenty of hay and water, while the rest of us went inside for some soup. This stable also had video survailance so we could actually sit inside and keep an eye on them at the same time. The horses did what horses do, stand, eat, drink, poo, but it was nice to see that they were resting properly.

The second session we brought out the tilt to practice passes. Finorio has never done this before, and as he was quite energetic in the first session, we started easy by doing it in walk. We also started the passings with the huge irish horse and there was no problem. Walk, trot and canter went fine. The troubles arrived once the PRE was the opponent, since we had been cantering we tried that first and Finorio jumped away as the other one approached. We took the energy level down again and did the passes in walk and let the horses just stand next to eachother, which made it slightly easyer. By the end of the session we had cantered past all the horses more or less controlled and Finorio looked like his brain was fried. So we just ended it there.

One of the other warmbloods, also very calm energy
Cantering alone, one handed
Towards the Irish horse
Calmly cantering past the other horse

And this is interesting. Here I have a picture series of one of the passings with the PRE, look at my seat, before anything even happens I’m on the outside. Inside shoulder is dropped and I’m not even sure what my legs are doing.

At the start of the run
Finorio see who is comming and starts to speed up
Uhm, nope! Me grabbing a hold on the inside rein does not help anything


Me holding on, and the horse drops his back, lifts his head and it’s not really a pretty sight

But in the end he behaved very well, and we just need to keep practicing these things and how to use that energy to our advantage. Once it’s rideable, it’s so much fun as it feels like you’re almost sitting on a bomb, but a controlable one!

Very tired horsie was very happy to come home to his box and his food. Today we will just go for a walk in the forrest I think. His muscles probably agrees!


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